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The Mug That Stayed

by Twitchy on October 31, 2014

In my kitchen cupboard sits a battered old mug, no longer white. With a small chip on its lip and my name printed below a dated floral posy, it continues to justify itself among the prettier vessels more fit for common use.

Along with me for the ride through every home and house move since the demise of the 80’s, it has silently borne witness to change and upheaval, urging me on.

“I can do this.”

Ugly mug. Your appearance betrays your memory.

Ugly mug. Your look betrays your memory.

Sometimes people come into your life when you need them most.

When I was sixteen and seventeen, in my final year of school and struggling, I enjoyed time and sanctuary in the home and company of a mad, sharp friend who made me laugh when I was miserable. Failing deadlines. Heartbroken.

Hanging on by my fingernails, his fiendish humour was the salve. He allowed me to air my fears, cry on his shoulder.

We laughed until we did ourselves damage, watched movies, ate (and otherwise consumed) chemically laden things, some only slightly resembling food. We stayed up late confiding in one another the unjust tragedies of life and loves gone wrong.

His parents, whose lot had never included their fair share of young female energy about, more than accepted- encouraged- my refuge. Though I know they’d hoped for a more significant, longer-term relationship for all of us that was never going to be. It wasn’t like that. (Only because of them this thought saddened me.)

The three may never have known its importance for me at that time but I’ll never forget the welcome they extended to a broken teen at that house in East Bentleigh.

One day during this occupation at my second home I was presented with an ostensibly modest token:

“You’ve surely earnt your own mug by now”.

Ugly mug. Your outward appearance betrays your cherished memory. I could never throw you out.

Do tell me if you have a special mug you’ll never be rid of?


Storm Shadows

by Twitchy on September 8, 2014

“Mummy, lie with me. I can’t sleep, I’m scared.”

The wind howls outside her windows, whispering things she does not wish to hear.

I am here. She joins me as I place my head at the foot of the bed. For the next little while we are too smart to try to trick sleep over here.


“It’s too noisy.” She passes me a supportive corner of her blanket.
“I think it’s cosy,” I say softly, relaxed. “Don’t you think it’s nice to be all snug in bed when it’s blowy outside?”
I hear her thinking.

“Doesn’t your favouritest ever movie start just like this? Maybe you’ll dream of waking in a strange new land, full of interesting characters and adventure?”

Branches sway nearby. Her silence is that of the unconvinced.

“I like to close my eyes and pretend the sounds are those of the sea, calming waves breaking on the shore.”
“Yes, let’s listen.”
“Mummy I don’t want to close my eyes and I don’t want you to go.”

“Okay, I have an idea. Will you play? I’m going to turn all the lights off and raise the blinds up a bit. We’ll let the lights in from the park and watch the patterns our Elm tree makes on your walls when she moves with the wind. Are you with me?”
“I would be scared if you weren’t here.”
“Oh it’ll be fun. Trees have to stand still all day, they only get to move at times like now. We should watch.”

We lie back and watch the shadow show. Rectangles of light project in a row around the room.

Overlayed by one another, mesmerising wisps dance like nymphs across each other before our eyes.

“Is it fire? Or are we underwater?”
“Underwater! I see seaweed swaying about.”
“Me too.”

She jumps up from the bed and lifts a shade to see what lies beneath.

“Look Mummy! Pretty patterns… Are you proud of me?”
“Oh yes, I am.”


Challenge Accepted, Walking the Walk

September 2, 2014

Wisdom: The things in life you regret most are the ones you never did. A truth that resonates with me enormously. Confession: I was born a creative, musical type but also an anxious one, conundrum. I love participating; hate the idea of being watched. I love nothing better than live music shows but crowds make me so edgy, I […]

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There Is Always Art

August 19, 2014

You know those mornings you wake up and the Fuck You Bird is already singing? “Those” mornings. The ones that don’t behave, you can’t put a foot right and just want to go back and start over? Yeah, those. Last week was all about sick kids so I’ve been keen to get them back into routine. I […]

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Ass Buckle

August 12, 2014

Ever wished you could just change buttocks whenever it took your fancy? Well why the heck not- we want everything nowadays. Why be stuck with what your mama gave you when you could have a full suite of sweet arse? You’d have a brand new bottom collection in your wardrobe and accessorise according to outfit […]

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Uncookery: Jaffle Weather Edition (Time for Toasties)

August 5, 2014

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Heaven Holds a Place

July 8, 2014

Sometimes oldest friends are the best. The ones who knew us before we became who we are now. There at the best and worst of times, the thick and thin. The dear ones we pick up with again like no time has passed at all, thumbing our noses at the truth. There’s that laugh, that […]

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Lego Ideas and MyKids Emporium

June 10, 2014

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EWF14: Mixtape Memoirs

June 6, 2014

Attending consecutive days of a writing festival, family life and packing for a house move surely don’t mix. I knew this but all the same I’d rather share festival highlights than focus on loco logistics. Starting with the most recent and working backwards. (To the best of my underslept, addled memory.) Wednesday night was Mixtape […]

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Emerging Writers’ Festival 2014 #EWF14

May 31, 2014

I’m in full throttle of the festival and it’s been very educational. The schedule has been fairly relentless, which apart from being quite a lot to take in and note, means blogging it so far has been quite the challenge. (This very post comes to you via smartphone, hope it looks alright as I’m already employing […]

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