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Heaven Holds a Place

by Twitchy Corner on July 8, 2014

Sometimes oldest friends are the best. The ones who knew us before we became who we are now. There at the best and worst of times, the thick and thin. The dear ones we pick up with again like no time has passed at all, thumbing our noses at the truth.

There’s that laugh, that familiar cheeky expression, that reliably bent sense of humour. We are girls again. So deeply comforting it is that some things never change. Beyond treasure is to still have them and the all-too-rare times spent catching up face to face.

It was in amongst this joy of catching up, dinner and drinks, banter and laughter, my precious friend let me know: her mother was really not well. That was one month ago.


Hard to talk about and hard to find words…everyone manages in their own way. For the family at least, there was a little time to adjust, accept. They were all able to gather.

On Thursday I drove out of town for the intimate farewell. With little else I could do, I was pleased my quietly independent friend would have me.

“Forgive me if I get lost, won’t you? Either way, coming to hug you. I’ve never done this before xxx”

“That makes two of us.”

“Oh Babe xxx”

Twenty minutes before I arrived at the house, the local radio station played a classic Simon and Garfunkel tune. Only that day, it carried an immense significance: it sang of heaven, and blessed her by her very name. I’d no one to turn to, to witness that star-crossed moment. But it was a gift that made her husband and children smile to hear of it, when I was able to convey my heartfelt wishes.

At the house I saw no tears, but laughter. Stories, photos, cake, humour and love. And at the end, a grateful look in familiar eyes that were thanks in themselves.


Lego Ideas and MyKids Emporium

by Twitchy Corner on June 10, 2014

Not a sponsored post but please see disclaimer below.

Mr 14 has always been a huge fan of trains and Lego. Recently we introduced him to the Back to the Future trilogy and before the credits rolled on the first movie he was off to build a Delorean time machine!

When he was just a little boy, a huge regular treat for him was to stay with my mother overnight. He knew what was usually going to happen in the morning… They’d catch a train into the city, look out the windows for all the landmarks, then head directly for the Myer toy department where an excited little person could choose a Thomas wooden engine character to add to his treasured collection.

Soon enough, this little boy who’d barely started school could lead his grandmother right from the platform at Flinders Street station, onto Flinders Street, up Elizabeth Street, into the Bourke Street Mall and up the escalators to the Toy Department.

Recently I received an invitation to attend the launch of MyKids Emporium. The original building between Little Bourke and Lonsdale Street is now part of the new Emporium Melbourne and MyKids is on the top floor at Level 4. My big boy now would never recognise it- it’s beautifully done. When he heard The Brickman was going to be there, he insisted I take a photo of his latest creation to show him. Sadly, I missed him but we did find out about something else very exciting that we didn’t know about.


Made from his own pieces with just a photo for a guide.

Lego runs a Lego Ideas section.  If you can make or design a proposed set (within guidelines either with your own bricks at home or digitally) and upload an image to Lego Ideas, you can have supporters vote for it. If you gain the required 10,000 votes from supporters within the time limit, your idea goes into review. If your proposal is supported by Lego, it may be “greenlit” and put into production! Mr 14 has had a new boost of enthusiasm and is cooking up some ideas. In the meantime, he showed me THIS, my favourite: A Big Bang Theory Set that’s received its 10,000 supporter votes and is under review. Now THAT’S exciting!

Lego Ideas Big Bang Theory Set

Image taken from here

From the launch day. I’ll never be too grown up to bypass Wizard of Oz dolls!


Miss 7 and I are huge Wizard of Oz fans. It was hard but I settled on Dorothy from the 75th Anniversary collection. If my girl ever sees this wall of Princess outfits, I’m in trouble. Sit-in Thomas is a big hit with the kids as Percy looks on in the background.

Do you have any Lego Ideas bubbling away in the minds of your creative people at home? If not, what is the current favourite at your house? (Heaven help you if its loombands….)

Not a sponsored post. I was a guest at the launch of Myer MyKids Emporium through Kids Business. Attendees received gift bags with vouchers.


EWF14: Mixtape Memoirs

June 6, 2014

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May 31, 2014

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May 27, 2014

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May 20, 2014

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May 13, 2014

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April 29, 2014

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