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Bah, Humbug! Rant ahead.

by Twitchy Corner on November 29, 2012

I’m not talking about Christmas, which I don’t even celebrate. Christmas co-incides with our Australian Summer. And that means heat. And endless, unrelenting weeks of school holidays with an over-abundance of family quality time that somehow makes it no longer resemble quality anything any more. If that sounds ungrateful seriously: who needs seven full weeks off in a row? Like force-feeding yourself when you are no longer hungry. Or living on icecream. No one wants that ALL THE TIME.

I can survive the first 2-3 weeks rather well, we all need time off from the year’s routine and I have the creative and emotional energy to come up with things for us to do. It’s after this it becomes a problem. That’s when I’d be looking for a foster family to take pity on us. Or just me…

Or go back to school. Everyone has their limits.

I love them dearly, yes- but I do not have what it takes, to spend days and days and days and days and days and days and days etc on end, housebound with my offspring and little respite. I do not have all the reserves required (dollars, patience, heat tolerance, noise tolerance, 1,001 satisfactory responses to “I’m booooooooooored!” to name the main ones) in order to survive this time frame. Add to this my in-laws take their annual holiday break for 6-8 weeks now (who goes willingly into the harsh Northern Winter anyway?) and I am a head case.

The Girl wants to be taken anywhere and everywhere, every day and the requests just keep coming. (Cost is no object, of course.) I want to go to A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I/J/K’S house, right now. It matters not to her that planning is involved, or that half of them are away. I want to go to Luna Park. I want to go Flamenco dancing. I want a baby brother or sister. I want to ride in a hot air balloon! I want to go on an elephant ride. I want to go to Queensland. Can we go up in a helicopter? It matters not that Mummy won’t even drive anywhere in over 30 degree heat, let alone take her to *the beach* because I hate the beach when it’s crowded and hot and I’m a wilting, faint petal! Why doesn’t she ask to go to the beach when it’s colder, like a sensible person?

The Boy just stays up later and later, sometimes talking to me after 1am. He, by contrast, doesn’t want to leave the house, EVER. He camps happily in his room, glued to the laptop, creating his evil genius Mario movies for his fans. The more encouragement he gets, the more enthused he is to never leave his bedroom except for food and toilet breaks, and those are just an inconvenient biological imperative.

There’s very little I feel that can be done about all the above. We’ve already overspent the travel budget this year so there’s little likelihood of going anywhere at all. We don’t have a weekender property in the family (which is most terribly unthoughtful) so I just crumble into submission, make jugs of iced coffee, watch some classic movies and dream of school return.

Please tell me you have something better planned? If so, please send me a postcard- with a sanity saving wisdom on it.

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