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Hey- I’m Being Followed!

by Twitchy Corner on November 29, 2012

Let’s assume you are a (dear and sweet) but everyday mortal who engages regularly in social media. Let’s say you’re on Twitter, to be specific. Have you ever been responded to by a celebrity, or followed, by a personality of note?*

During one late night Twitter chat last year @MsGetReal (another naughty night owl) was musing about what to do with her garden fresh, home grown parsnips. For a laugh, she copied Boy George on the tweet, because he is a dedicated raw food vegan. Well blow us down, he actually came back with:
“I could tell you!”
You could have knocked us both over with a feather. The guy has over a couple of hundred thousand followers. We did not see that coming, but shit it was funny.

Here’s what happened today. I gained a few followers and as I have a high follow-back habit, I like to see who the new peeps are before I follow back. This afternoon I discovered I am being followed by hilarious plain-talker and all-round Seizer-of-the-Day, radio personality Kate Langbroek. She’d followed me, and Kerri Sackville immediately before me.

Kerri responded with a joyous greeting.** I followed with a slightly more suspicious one:

You see despite not thinking of myself as a complete loser, I can’t possibly understand what might’ve been going through Kate Langbroek’s head when she decided to follow someone like me. Did she like my Bolshie avi? Did her finger slip? Did she give the baby the phone to play with? I’m not a media personality, comedian, journalist or author like many on her blue-tick-laden follow list (well never say never, but hey). No, last time I checked I am still a suburban recluse with a blog that (criminally!) isn’t going to be breaking any stats records anytime soon. BUT WHO AM I TO JUDGE?! There actually are a few people who find me chortle-inducing and who knows, maybe Kate is hoping to find some material inspiration by following a total random on the Tweeter. It’s a free country.

But I’m still going to be checking to see how long I last.

What’s your story?

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* Not including Kirsty Rice, I already know she’s had a whole soap opera with John Cusack.

**Some might say *whispers* shades of fangirl…but as Kerri is a dear friend I would NEVER say that about her.

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