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30/30 Not What I’d Planned At All

by Twitchy on December 1, 2012

Yesterday my mother insisted we meet for lunch. I must love her because I did in fact leave the house and air con on a 38C day- which I normally never do for any reason that isn’t compulsory. So we met, had a lovely lunch and then she offered to take one or both of my kids overnight for the next day, Friday. I was so excited about this I eagerly accepted and began all the reminders about dance class at 12.30 etc etc.

Driving home in the heat, I looked forward to my night off, sleep in and an opportunity to read, make plans and do whatever so pleased me. Except that I’d been a bit too eager. When my husband came home this afternoon I told him our great good fortune. Upon hearing said news, he reminded me that we had a commitment with an early start the following day- his office ALL DAY FAMILY FUN DAY IN THE HILLS. With people we don’t know, who don’t know our kids or their, um, unique ways. Fantastic potential for stifled aggro and limitless mortification in front of influential strangers… and that’s just the good stuff. I sank. I HAD forgotten. I wanted this (hormonal) time off SO bad. So I rang my mother and cancelled. Then felt like a good old sob.

I’d also planned a retrospective of my blogging every day in November (#blogvember) and a gallery of my 30 days of November #fmsphotoaday. I was going to find out how to put all the little squares in a nice grid and present them to you on a platter.

I was going to talk all about what blogging every day for thirty days has meant to me and the effects it’s had on my brain, but that was before I ended up watching a mandatory Tinkerbell movie. Given that Mr13 is only now FINALLY falling asleep after 1am, because I just sprung him sneaking a look at his ipad (effectively screwing over any chance of me posting on the actual 30th of November), and Mr is calling out to me reminding me ENDLESSLY we have an early start… well let’s just say this plan is not really going to plan AT ALL.

So all the things I wanted to do for my November wrap post, I shall have to postpone until next time. Also, I have to gear up for an early start on a Saturday… one of my totally favourite things. Not. Unless this thunder and rain I’m hearing is still going tomorrow, cancelling our Mr’s Work Family Day Out… rendering me completely INSANE at the revelation that I COULD’VE had my night and day off afterall, as well as bringing you the post I planned. BUT probably not as bad as talking to Mr13 until post-1am, thunderstorm bringing Miss5 to our bed for head elbowing and kidney-kneeing, THEN rising early to a clear day, the entirity of which is spent pretending to be a decent mother and pleasant, non-hormonal human being for the sake of my husband and people I don’t know. There may be a hipflask in the glovebox of my immediate future! Only tomorrow knows!

And on those mindfracking thoughts, I bid you adieu, until the next time I attempt this bloggy caper, which may even be today. I can confirm that I did, in fact blog for at least 30 days in a row- so there’s that. Thanks for sticking with me.

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Grace December 6, 2012 at 8:12 pm

It feels like having a much needed opportunity robbed away from you, doesn’t it ? The things we do for family *sigh*
Look forward to hearing your thoughts about #blogvember. One of these days I would love to take up a challenge like that.
Well done on doing it! x


Michelle December 1, 2012 at 1:24 pm

Congratulations! You did it. I so sympathise with the lost morning off. Send your mum some chocolates and ask if perhaps next weekend would be a go.
And a retrospective of blogvember clearly is not due until sometime in December.
Michelle x


Twitchy December 1, 2012 at 2:11 pm

Thank you Michelle. There is a rain check in my future. We are still out in the hills and it’s a lively day. The kids are (miraculously) behaving and I suspect the hormones hit critical mass at 1am… :/ x

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