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Birthday Cake and Magic Bubble Balloons

by Twitchy Corner on December 19, 2012

My shoe-loving sister in law turned 50 this week, so the cake was labelled 25 x 2 as she refused to see the total ruin the cake.

Miss almost-6 tried her hand at blowing magic bubbles. It comes with a small metal paint-like tube and blowing pipe. You squeeze out a little blob, pick it up on the end of  the pipe. (The tricky part is twisting the stretchy bits back on to the blob) then blow! Pinch the end to close and remove- voila, you have an instant magic sticky bubble balloon. Like a cross between paint and bubble gum! (And yes, it’s everywhere but easy enough to remove from the trampoline, etc.) The things we do for a few moments’ peace, I mean, science.





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