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Welcome to my Corner of the interwebs! This is me:
Former ad chick. Mid-century fetish, collector. Completely gay taste in pop culture. Love design, vintage TV/movies, musicals & vodka. Rude words happen. Shameless 80’s referencer. Australia.
Mum of two BIG personalities: Mr14- Nintendo-brain, gamer graphics boss/loon, ice-skater; Miss7- fairies, dogs, ice-skating and musicals are her world. Sings ALL day.
Long married to my Mr (Home Barista of Excellence), losing our marbles together over the #housethatwouldnotbebuilt, demolishing and building in a Heritage Overlay for over four years.
Starsign: Taurus.
Favourite Colours: Deep Red, Teal.
Chocolate: Dark only. Others need not apply.
Favourite Fart Type: Morse Code.

I believe in late bloomers; we can continually learn, change or improve. At times I act, and write, like a grown up but on the whole TwitchyCorner is my outlet to document the funny and absurd observations of daily life… which despite not always saying directly, are heavily influenced by living with ASD and ADHD at home. Blogging has helped me find and fine tune my voice since early 2011. I’ve met some glorious people online. Yes Mum, they’re real!

Please join me as I share some insights from some very Twitchy perspectives. It’s a mixed bag.

No PR policy or media kit at this stage, one day. Still, we can talk.
You can contact me:
Via email: Twitchy{at symbol}twitchycorner{dot}com. (Spammers, grrr).
I tweet: @TwitchyCorner.
Instagram Fiend: @Twitchycorner
Pinterest:  twitchycorner
Facebook Page
Delighted to be one of five ASD mums Facebooking at our Autism Our Words page, a wonderful and supportive community. 

Many have asked me (or at least one person has), “Why are you Twitchy, oh Twitchy One?”
Well, it’s a name that fits effectively because there are multiple reasons. Some mildly amusing, some really not. Most of the time wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, there’s a nagging sense I should be somewhere else, doing something else. And no, I don’t have a tic.

    I am Twitchy because:

  1. My real name is boring. Sharon! Sorry mum. Not even a middle name. Not trying to be mysterious; I write very personally about my kids and want to preserve their privacy.
  2. Highly visual with a short attention span. Sorry, where were we? (Something over your shoulder just caught my eye.)
  3. Love good coffee. Twitchiness in anticipation, jitters if I have too much.
  4. Squeamish. I detest all manner of stuff- bodily fluids, gory films, animal-based food preparation, anything dead, blech, blech, blech. No stomach for it- Big.Girl’s.Blouse.
  5. Detest crowds. I never last long and can’t wait to flee. Rooms without windows? *shudders*
  6. Injustice makes me bristle. I don’t watch TV news. There’s just so much already out there to keep me awake at night. Equality activist. Joint Destroyer.
  7. Seasonal hayfever. Terrible! Pollens and stuff get right up my nose and into my sensitive eyes. Certain I was a lab bunny in a previous life. PS: Bunnies twitch ;)
  8. Super sensitive skin. I feel everything, it is my superpower. I spontaneously break out in rashes. I’m a dedicated sun-evader and swear I can feel myself cooking.
    Any skin condition you name it- I have a tendency toward it and a bajillion creams in my bedside drawer. No wrinkled pillows. If you’ve lost a pea under your mattress, just give me a call.
    Labels and fallen hairs must come out of my clothing and I will remove any offending articles while I am still talking to you. (Emery boards are stashed EVERYWHERE.)
  9. BS detector. Will never accept needless snark or bullies. I aim to surround myself with quality people and twitch inwardly when the alarm goes off. *cough!* But I do have SOME social skills, y’know. So I just say it in my head: Your eyes are shifty, you sancti-MON-ious wanker.
  10. Confession: It’s a nod to my all time favourite TV show Bewitched. I hate housework and love that Samantha Stephens. She was married to a gay man once. I’ve been to her house and still want to be her when I grow up.

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