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Our Newest Addition

April 22, 2014

One evening four weeks ago, I sat in a meeting with our Architect waiting for my husband to join us. We heard his car arrive but for some reason, he was delayed outside. I went to see what the hold up was and found him out front in the dimming light, holding something in the […]

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How I Came to Find Myself at Barbie Live!

April 15, 2014

Miss 7 and I went on a rare evening excursion to the theatre recently. The Princess had seen the TV ads and nagged away but her pleas initially fell upon deaf ears because the show she wanted to see was “Barbie Live!” and The Evil Queen did not love that idea. Then came the 50% […]

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The Wise Men and Their Words of Wisdom

April 8, 2014

In the dead of night I lay awake, burning questions searing my feminine mind. Around my head swam the choices before me, demanding resolution. Matters of life and love sat open like contracts waiting to be signed and they would wait no longer. It was then I recalled the folklore: the Wise Men would help me. […]

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April 2 is #AutismAwarenessDay

April 2, 2014

On World Autism Awareness Day, I’d like to see more government funding support and better-run programs for schools and health care. This should be, but isn’t a given. Don’t all kids deserve an equal chance to be educated? (Don’t even start me on those who see this as a “cost”, rather than long-term investment in […]

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Healthiest Lunch Day At School… Almost

April 1, 2014

Every year my daughter’s grade runs a bring-a-plate style communal lunch for Healthiest Lunch Day. I believe setting a good foundation and example for our kids is important, so that they may know the difference between life-giving nutrients and… (often delicious) crap. I want my daughter to know that her Mum cares about these things and […]

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Everyday Life Tales of the Unexpected and More On #thehousethatwouldnotbebuilt

March 27, 2014

Today is grey and overcast and my head is full of decisions to make I can’t scrape up the required neurons for. This brings me to two options: blog it or hide under the pillow. I may do both. This morning Mr14 tried to get out of going to school again, citing fatigue. Not for […]

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Loombanding our way to China

March 26, 2014

It is entirely possible my daughter is Loombanding her way to China. She’s lightning quick at looming on two fingers and is busy getting acquainted with youtube tutorials for the loom itself. I’m so happy she’s taken to a simple, affordable activity that uses her hands and creativity to make something out of nothing- even […]

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My Kids Say The Darndest Things III

March 25, 2014

Love lost between my children this morning. For my part I couldn’t stop my own laughter… Mr13 to Miss6: I went in your room to get a CD after you fell asleep. You turned over and farted three times… Miss6 glowers: Not true! [Um- it would be] Mr13 continues: What were you dreaming about? Being […]

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Crossdressing, Love and Acceptance

March 18, 2014

Channel surfing late Thursday night, I happened upon an interesting story on The Feed, SBS about members of the formerly secret club, The Seahorse Society. The first interview I caught was with a lovely lady named Ophelia, who has quite a unique job: she helps men cross-dress. Ninety clients trust Ophelia with their secret and […]

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Never Mind the Age Gap

March 11, 2014

Recently I contributed a post at Easy Peasy Kids for my friend Nathalie, on people’s perceptions (and comments) regarding ages of siblings. Following on from that I thought I’d share a more personal view as the mother of a boy and girl with a few years between them. Our boy Mr14, was born in late […]

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